Sorry I’m Late!!

                              I am so sorry I’m really late posting on my blog. Anyway, Saturday I went to D.I.(Destination Imagination) to do instant challenges at M.U.S (Memphis University School). D.I. is when children get together and try to solve this problem they give you ( my challenge was to build a structure out of wood and glue and has to be under 75 grams). But the problem is that you have to do the whole thing by yourselves(Your parents can’t give you an idea,or anything. They can’t even say ” good job”.) I have to go now! Mom’s getting on my tail to get to bed. To find out more go to

                                                            See ya later,

Yesterday at The Harvest Party!!

  Welcome, I knew you’d come back for more! Anyway, we arrived at the party a lot to early, so we went to a near-by park. It was sooooo fun, except for the fact I could have broken my leg because the slide had a sharp left turn, then a sharp right, and then  another sharp left turn and THEN your at the bottom(I promise you,your left leg will be either swollen or hurting really bad!). Then it was time for us to go to the party at Ms.Blount’s farm(her home).  She had three dogs one little and two big dogs(one big one was black the others were a blondish color.) they REALLY liked me! We had hot-dogs,pizza,cookies, cupcakes,and funnel cake. It was delicious.  Then we went on a hay-ride around Ms.Blount’s farm. Then I played with my friend,Sadie, we played the Frisbee and played bowling and had the best chili in the world. Then we went home and I watch t.v. for the rest of the afternoon! Well that’s all for now! See ya later!!!!
                                                Your awesome friend,

I’m Going to a Farm for a Harvest Party!!

Hello People,(sorry I didn’t post anything, I had a lot of BIG test going on that I had to study for. I have a upcoming science test on Halloween!) Well, any way, after I go to guitar lessons and my sister goes to piano lessons(did I mention that I have a six year old sister,named Mia, who can sometimes get REALLY ANNOYING??!!) We’re going to  go to Mia’s teacher,Mrs.Blount’s farm for a HARVEST PARTY!!!!! But for right now, I’m posting about the future to you,sigh. Oh well, I will post about what I did at the farm! See ya later!
                                                                             Your happy friend,

Hi everyone sorry I didn’t write. I was on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, to get to CALIFONIA!! We went to Knott’s Berry Farm. They had lots of sick rollercoasters. They also had kitty rides and Snoopy came out to meet the little toddlers. Then after that my family went to Las Vegas to see the rollercoaster around the Hotel. Then we went to Henderson(hey, we’re still in Navada.)to look at some houses ( two houses was close to a water park and a Cheese Cake Warehouse!!!!!! Well that is all.

Love Charlie

The Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny came to my house last night! He was brown and black! The Easter bunny looked just like E.B(the E.B stands for Easter Bunny) in the movie Hop. Except he was sooooooooo FAT. He looked like you could cuddle up and go to sleep with him.

Love, Charlie

My pretend interveiw with Oprah!!!

Charlie : “Where is your birth place?”

Charlie : “When is your birthday?”

Charlie : “Who are your parents?” “What are there names?”

Charlie : “What was it like in your childhood?”

Charlie : “What was it like in your teenage years?”

Charlie: “What was it like in your collage years?”

Charlie: “Who are you married to?”

Charlie: “What are your children and  grandchildren and where do they live?”

Charlie:”What are your life goals?” “Did you accomplish your goals?” “What inspiered you to make this goal?”

Charlie: “What is your job?”

To be contiued…………………Kodak Theatre


Hey guys, guess what!!! On Tuesday my school is  having a Pajama Party or

P.J.  Party!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be hosted by Justin Bebeir ! He is going to

read to everybody in Riverwood Elementary (K-5) “Cat in the Hat” on a web

cam!! This is going to be the best DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love , Charlie